Electrician Apprenticeships UK

As you are probably well aware, becoming an electrician is a very rewarding and exciting career choice that will offer you many opportunities. I guess you’re reading this article either because you have decided that you definitely want to become an electrician or are just browsing your career options, either way we’ll do our best to inform you all about entering into the electrical industry.

Just think no more sitting behind an office desk wishing you were doing something else, or working in a factory never seeing the light of day, ok it might not be quite as bad as that but you get my point!

Electricians are very well paid and you have job security as they’re always in demand, someone somewhere always needs the expertise of an electrician, there aren’t many jobs out there these days that offers job security but this trade does.

Electricians have many options open to them, they have the choice of either working for a firm of electricians or they can do contract work on different projects. The other option is for them to become self employed, just think of all the advantages that would offer, you get to choose the days you work the hours you work and you get to take time out whenever you like, with no boss to have to answer to.

As we said earlier electrician’s skills are always in high demand and it’s because of this demand that other countries want them including the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. So if you fancy something different why not give it a go! Once you have fully qualified as an electrician that’s it you’re an electrician! Nobody can take that away, it’s yours.

If you’re just out of school and you know you definitely want to get started then your best option would be to get an Electricians Apprenticeship.
If you don’t already know, an apprenticeship is – and always has been the traditional way that people learn a new trade, which could be carpentry, plumbing etc and also learning about different types of crafts.

Apprenticeships enable you to Earn while you Learn!

An apprenticeship will usually take up to four years but this will vary depending on who will be training you up. During your apprenticeship your time will be taken up by classroom lessons where you will learn all the theory of electrical systems and the other time will be spent actually out on the job with an experienced electrician who you will work alongside as he/she shows you how to get the job done properly and of course safely. Remember they will have years of experience and knowledge that you too will get to gain through hard work, you can’t learn everything from a textbook and not many have the great advantage of working alongside a professional in their field, use this time wisely and you too will become just as good.

As well as classroom lessons and on the job practical training you’ll also have the great advantage of getting to know tradesmen, suppliers and construction workers which will in the future, after your apprenticeship, should make finding a job a great deal easier. You will be paid the basic salary of a minimum of £90.00 a week, although it’s often more than this. When your apprenticeship ends you will be a fully qualified electrician with an NVQ Level 3. Not bad, not bad at all!

So how do I get on an Apprenticeship Scheme?

Well you don’t need any formal entry qualifications to begin your apprenticeship so that’s a bonus but if you’re over the age of 25 you may struggle to get into an apprenticeship scheme, this isn’t always the case but it’s something to watch out for.

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To learn more about apprenticeships visit the
Governments Apprenticeship website: www.apprenticeships.org.uk

Competition to get an apprenticeship is quite fierce and there are only a limited number of spaces available each year. It may be a good idea if you phoned up your local electricians or electrician firms which may be able to help you and offer their advice on where you should go next, it’s well worth doing and you never know they themselves might be looking to take someone on, it could be your lucky day!

If you want to find out more about how to become an apprentice including how you should go about applying the government offers a free national apprenticeship helpline that is sure to help you even further. There is also an apprenticeship website that also offers great advice and information. You can also request an information pack that you can read at your leisure.

Well that’s about it I hope we’ve helped you learn more about electricians and apprenticeships and I wish you the very best of luck in the future.


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